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What does your visible life look like?

Ever thought about living a life where you feel comfortable showing your true self without any fear or hesitation? This is what I call a “visible life.”

It’s one where you’ve dropped all your fears about how you show up and speak up.

Here’s what it looks like for me:[Read More...]

Our visibility system: AILDA

visibility system

It’s one thing to understand what a visibility block is, it’s another to understand how to free yourself from them.

We’ve a system for you to do just that. We call it AILDA.

Here’s what it involves:

visibility system

If you’re serious about being consciously free, the AILDA process is based … [Read More...]

Strangers, crowds and visibility alignment

visibility and crowds

In episode 7 of our community podcast Visibility Matters, I speak about a dislike of crowds, a fear of strangers, and the impact that may be having on your experience of being visible in the world. More specifically, the impact that may be having on expanding your reach and growing … [Read More...]

A visibility word for 2023


Do you have a visibility word for 2023? 

I don’t always choose a word for the year. Sometimes a word or theme reveals itself to me through the year, and in other years I have set a word and forgotten about it. 

This coming year I want to consciously direct … [Read More...]

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