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Att: multi-passionates and bridge builders. This one’s for you

This one is for anyone who identifies as multi-passionate or as someone who sits between worlds. In other words; people who don’t fit neatly in one box and whose businesses or creative ventures don’t either.

I often encounter people who feel uncomfortable about this. Who feel unsure about how to [Read More...]

The next step for empowered women

In the years I’ve spent building a body of work around the topic of visibility, it’s become obvious to me that the journey of visibility is the journey of embodying personal power.

Because of this, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the link between communication and marketing approaches, and [Read More...]

7 self care practices to support your visibility efforts

Self-care is the foundational underpinning of the visibility journey. If you don’t have a solid practice to help you weather the emotional ups and downs of being visible online, you’ll find it very challenging to maintain consistency and hold space for conversation and community. In this post, I’ll take you … [Read More...]

Are your managing your energy effectively?

Right now as a global community we’re deeply immersed in base chakra considerations. They include; survival, physical health and vitality, our relationship to the earth and to our bodies, nourishment, home, family, belonging, and security (which in capitalist societies is strongly tied to money and our financial wellbeing).

The relationships [Read More...]

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