The world needs a new type of leader. One that's compassionate and inclusive and empowers others.

A Visible Woman is currently in session.

'A Visible Woman' is a transformational mastermind experience for women who are ready to embody a new form of leadership. 

Libby Blakemore

I just LOVED A Visible Woman! It was just what I needed and I didn’t really know what I needed when I signed up but I knew I was stuck. I have had so many internal shifts since starting the course, I feel like I different person. I’m much more confident to say what I think, and in a calm, gentle way. I have been standing up for myself in my personal life in a way I haven’t before.

I think this work is so important, not just for women starting businesses but for women more generally. We have been lacking models of women who are both feminine and powerful and you are offering this, and leading the way.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Libby Blakemore, Adelaide, Australia
Megan Gogal

I would definitely recommend A Visible Woman to anyone thinking about doing it. The content is clear and powerful. The fb group is compassionate and supportive. I felt held and safe to explore the depth of the content and my patterns.

Samantha, you have no idea the scale of how much you have helped me see myself. The truth of me. I have so much love and acceptance now. You are a brilliant leader and I am so very grateful to you woman.

Megan Gogal, NSW, Australia