A Visible Woman is one who knows her own powerclaims space in the worldisn't afraid to be seen and heard

You're building a business that supports other women.
'A Visible Woman' will help you become more visible to those women and lead your community in a different way.

More and more women are feeling called to support and empower other women. But most leadership models in the world have been designed by and for men. They're disempowering to women and they don't promote the right kinds of values or conditions for women to thrive. Far too many women stepping forward to lead haven't dismantled the patriarchal teachings we've all internalised. Which means that they're leading in a way that unconsciously disempowers the very women they're here to serve. 

Before you continue to teach or coach other women, 'A Visible Woman' will help you uncover and release patriarchal conditioning. That's social conditioning that keeps women more compliant, obedient, and dutiful than they need to be. It's conditioning which says hustle and push is the way to get things done, that emotions and intuition are unreliable, and which has us all unconsciously giving preference to male teachers, voices, and ways of being.

Once you've done that work you can step back into your community as a woman who understands and gives voice to all members of her community. As a woman who understands how to model a new way of leading and is able to genuinely empower other women (rather than unconsciously supporting them to perpetuate a model that will never see them thriving and free). 

A visible woman doesn't hide and doesn't pretend. Her fears don't overshadow her desires. She expresses herself with confidence and her opinions are heard and respected. She knows her own mind and she's comfortable in her body. She's authentic in her interactions and people naturally follow her lead.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • When you disagree with someone's opinion, you want to speak up but end up being diplomatic to avoid confrontation
  • You don't feel confident enough to back yourself and go all out in your business
  • You feel like you speaking up isn't worth it. You really don't want to be caught in the middle of another argument
  • You feel exasperated and exhausted by your interactions with other people who bully you with their opinions
  • You don't put yourself forward for opportunities you'd actually love to be a part of
  • You're extremely careful about the opinions you post on social media
  • You're very aware that there can be serious repercussions to speaking up and you're unsure how to speak up without having to live with those consequences on a daily basis
  • You don't feel comfortable saying no and so end up overworked by not setting healthy boundaries

You're tired of being worried about other people's judgments. 

Sick of being afraid of getting it wrong or making a mistake. 

Bored with constantly questioning yourself. 

In truth, you're no longer comfortable playing small.

You've been trying to speak up more, share your ideas, and/or promote yourself at work or in your business. 

You're ready for more.

The world desperately needs more women to lead.

But we haven't been conditioned to lead. We've been conditioned to follow.

We've been told that our leadership style is too weak or if we're assertive, we're told we're too bossy.

When we raise our voices we're described as 'shrill' or as 'too emotional'.

We've been told our bodies are too big, too small, too round, too soft, too hairy. That they're not acceptable just as they are..

We were taught as children to be 'nice' and 'good'. To be well behaved.

Well, the days of playing the good girl are over, my friend.

It's time to claim your birthright as a visible woman

To stop second guessing yourself and start confidently sharing your passions and yourself with the world

To teach others to respect your opinions and your boundaries

To step toward opportunities that are waiting for you to take them up

Libby Blakemore

I just LOVED A Visible Woman! It was just what I needed and I didn’t really know what I needed when I signed up but I knew I was stuck. I have had so many internal shifts since starting the course, I feel like I different person. I’m much more confident to say what I think, and in a calm, gentle way. I have been standing up for myself in my personal life in a way I haven’t before.

I think this work is so important, not just for women starting businesses but for women more generally. We have been lacking models of women who are both feminine and powerful and you are offering this, and leading the way.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Libby Blakemore, Adelaide, Australia

A Visible Woman has been incorporated into the School of Visibility curriculum. Find out more here.

Here's what won't create the change you're looking for...

  • Trying to think positively about it (thinking your way free of centuries of patriarchal conditioning focused on silencing women's voices and experiences is a tough ask)
  • Getting another qualification (you don't need to be more educated, you need more people to know about you)
  • Faking it until you make it (here's what happens when you do that; you end up suffering from imposter syndrome because very significant parts of you just don't believe the game you're playing)
  • Beating yourself up (achieves nothing useful. Please stop)
  • Just thinking about being more visible (eventually you're going to have to take action)
  • Resolving to change your behaviour and then not following through (that, my friend is a visibility block. They're great at stopping you from following through)

If any of that sounds familiar, you're not alone.

Becoming visible is a journey fraught with potential pitfalls.

We live in societies that are founded on a very narrow idea of how a woman should and shouldn't behave and appear in the world. If you fall outside of that definition, it's easier to feel like an outsider, like you don't belong or don't measure up. 

It's time to break free of those limitations. 

To define your life on its own terms. To be visible in a way that feels natural to you. To speak in a voice that's uniquely yours. To be comfortable in your own skin. 

Are you ready to be seen exactly as you are? To embody your deepest truths and lead from that place?

A Visible Woman is a program that supports women to step into their full, feminine leadership potential.

It uncovers and clears out the conditioning (patriarchal, racist, ableist, capitalist, heteronormative) that inhibits women from leading.

It invites you to live an embodied form of feminine leadership. One that's a full expression of healthy feminine and masculine principles and values.

A Visible Woman is informed by the understanding that visibility is a key component to leadership and must be understood through the lens of systemic inequality if women are to have the opportunity to lead from a place of integrity and authenticity.

Deconstructing the false identity society has created around womanhood, A Visible Woman is a chance to connect with the real you and lead from that place. In a style that feels completely natural to you.

A Visible Woman will support you to uncover who you are beneath the identity that's been constructed for you. It'll show you what it looks like when you live, work, and lead from your authentic self.

The curriculum looks like this: 


Upon registration you'll receive immediate access to the pre-program work. There are two components to this


AILDA sits at the core of everything we do in A Visible Woman. AILDA is our visibility block clearing system. Before you dive into the core content, you're taken through the AILDA system, a process you'll have a direct and deepening experience of as you work your way through the program.

Your Visibility Story

The other crucial piece of work you'll do straight up is uncover your visibility story. This is the story that's been running your visibility game for most of your life. This crucial masterclass will help you to identify all the personal experiences you've had that have negatively affected your willingness to be visible. You'll also see the strategies you've developed - consciously and unconsciously - to protect yourself, stay small, and not get hurt. After you've seen the stories and the strategies, you'll work through a process for clearing them out and healing old wounds. 


This module is all about breaking down the habit of patriarchal thinking we've inherited over thousands of years.

This way of thinking minimises women's voices and experiences. It speaks of our voices as shrill; of our natures as overly emotional, as our way of engaging with others as not being that of a leader.

It's impossible not to have internalised many of these messages and turned them into an inner voice that's overly critical and judgmental, hesitant and doubtful, focused on your insufficiency.

So, the work in this module is the work of undoing that conditioning. We do a deep dive into the big four:

Week 1: The perfectionistic and the people pleaser

The people pleaser is the one who goes along to get along. She defers to what others want to do, she says yes when you want to say no, she's the peace maker, she's polite, she works hard to be liked and/or to be perfect. She acquiesces to other people's needs.

The perfectionist keeps you in a straightjacket. She won't allow other people to see you or your work unless it's perfect. And her standard is so high that your work will never meet it. She's so afraid of being judged that she'd prefer to stay invisible. That's what we work on freeing you from this week.

Week 2: What they've told you a woman is

In week 2 we explore the ideals you're expected to live up to (as mothers, partners, career women, and in the home), and the limiting notions that have been espoused about what's possible for women in the world today.

When you don't examine these ideas, you remain trapped in an invisible cage. You feel resentful, disillusioned, unfulfilled. You're not able to be free and you feel deeply judgmental of the women that are.

Week 3: Whose body is this anyway?

In week 3 we turn to our relationships with our bodies. We explore the impact that trauma, boundary violation, disrespect for bodily autonomy, and media representation of women's bodies, impact on the way we engage with - and judge - our bodies.

You'll release old wounding and your inner critic, and you'll learn a new way to live in harmony and connection with your body.

Week 4: Wealthy women?

In week 4 we explore the ways that women have been kept separate from money and the impact that has, as contemporary women, on our relationship with money.

You'll uncover and release deeply held beliefs about women's inability to manage money and/or your right to be a wealthy woman, and you'll step into a new way of viewing money and your relationship to it.


Leadership modules today are influenced heavily by an approach to productivity and efficiency that became popular during the Industrial Revolution. The confluence of capitalist and patriarchal thinking has left us in a situation where our value is determined by our economic contributions to the workplace. Where 'women's work' and women's ways of being - collaborative, nurturing, rhythmic, intuitively guided - are disrespected and significantly undervalued.

In this module we consider how that influence is affecting the way you work, the assumptions you make about leadership, and the way you engage with your body, the earth and your community.

Two hundred and fifty years later, it's time to evolve.

Week 1: Feminine and masculine leadership values

Women have been in the workforce in great numbers since the 1960s and since that time we've been expected to behave like men to progress in our careers. But it doesn't need to be that way. There's a different way to lead and that's what this week is all about.

We explore what feminine values and masculine values look like and how they can be integrated to create a whole leader. In this context 'feminine' and 'masculine' isn't code for women and men. Both women and men are informed by the feminine and the masculine and you'll investigate specifically how that plays out for you.

Week 2: Rising the feminine

In order to come to a place of healthy integration, we must first release unhealthy notions of feminine values and approaches as being weak. Values like collaboration and connection, ease and receptivity, allowing rather than pushing, as well as how to utilise your capacity to receive intuitive guidance.

You'll release inner judgment and internalised self hatred and disrespect that creates terrible disharmony in all women's bodies and lives.

Week 3: The healthy masculine

In patriarchal societies masculine values dominate our work and home lives. In this week's content we'll explore how that has affected our relationship with time and how that has us all madly creating to do lists, never feeling like we have enough time, pushing and hustling to get somewhere/anywhere, and all the while, feeling deeply dissatisfied.

This week we learn have we can step into a different experience. One where masculine and feminine values interact with, and support one another, in a harmonious way.

Week 4: Circles not lines

In week 4 we release another archaic leadership approach; working solely from a place of linear thinking and doing. Linear thinking and doing keeps us on a treadmill toward a goal post which is constantly moving.

Instead of taking this approach to your career, your life, running a business, developing a project, you'll learn about circle thinking and doing. You'll learn how to understand progress less as an approach which takes you from point A to point B and instead, moves you in an ever deepening circular motion. You'll learn how to work in harmony with the natural rhythms of each initiative, you'll transform your interactions with those around you, and your level of satisfaction with your life will increase exponentially.


Upon registration you'll gain access to an ongoing space where you can meet with fellow A Visible Woman students, seek input around your visibility journey, and mastermind about visibility ideas and opportunities.

You'll gain twice weekly mentoring support and guidance from A Visible Woman founder Samantha Nolan-Smith as well as 8 live Q&A and mentoring calls per annum, to gain all the additional visibility and leadership support you need, for the life of the program.


To round out your Visible Woman experience you'll receive two bonuses to really support you to embody everything you've learned in the program.

The bonuses arise from the awareness that when you step into the world in a bigger way, one of the first things that can happen is self doubt can arise. So you'll start with a workshop on doubt and maintaining self belief where you'll learn a repeatable process to apply each and every time you find a niggling doubt arising.

Then, to further support that work, you'll work through an exercise that supports you to come into deep trust with yourself, your intuitive guidance, and inner knowing.

Megan Gogoll

Hand on heart the work that I have done within 'A Visible Woman' has opened up so many opportunities for me because it has opened ME up. To all my possibilities! The gains from this beautiful course are endless. Thank you Samantha x

Megan Gogoll , Albury, Australia

A Visible Woman has been incorporated into the School of Visibility curriculum. Find out more here.

A Visible Woman is not for you if:

  • You're not sure that being seen and heard is something you actually want
  • You're not willing to look at systemic inequality and understand how it operates while simultaneously taking personal responsibility for what you can change
  • You want someone to do the transformational work for you (we can provide you with the right environment, tools and support, but ultimately you must be willing to face what arises within that context)
  • You're resistant to feminist analysis and/or to working with the energy of the divine feminine

A Visible Woman is for you if:

  • You're ready to be free of the things that are holding you back from being truly yourself
  • You know it's time to start speaking up and/or promoting your work in your business or workplace
  • You're a self-directed women who understands that what you put into a program ultimately determines what you get out of it
  • You've done personal development work before and you're keen to learn new skills and be facilitated to investigate new methods of self inquiry, clearing and healing
  • You're ready to step into the fullness of your leadership potential

Who'll be supporting you on the road to visibility?

That'd be me! My name's Samantha Nolan-Smith.

I'm the CEO and founder of The School of Visibility and co-founder of Australian Women's Day. I'm also a feminist writer and visibility coach who supports women to be seen and heard in the world.

I work with women to overcome their visibility blocks so they can become authentic, visionary leaders in their fields.

I truly believe that the more women are willing to speak up, the more we'll be able to change the world for good.

I bring to A Visible Woman:

  • my unique combination of training in law and philosophy, as well as in a range personal and spiritual development disciplines (I'm qualified as a Hatha yoga teacher, Compassion Key Master Practitioner, and Journey Practitioner), plus my experience a business strategist and coach, yoga teacher, therapist and mentor
  • 30 years of working in government, multi-national companies, NGOs, community organisations, small businesses, and as a business owner and leader of a number of voluntary, community based initiatives
  • a decade's worth of experience running my own business and supporting women in the women's empowerment space
  • another decade (prior to that) working in social justice and public policy
  • my own visibility and leadership journey which I'm still on (and will be for life) which saw me co-founding a women in law group at the University of NSW as a young woman and co-founding the first national day for women and girls in Australia 25 years later.

Through a lived understanding of the invisibility issues that arise as a consequence of sexual trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic illnesses, that same journey also taught me how to receive and act on my own inner wisdom and take huge leaps with my personal and professional life, uncovering my authentic voice and leadership style along the way.

What people say about being in group coaching programs with me...

Karenna Reidy

I loved every part of the experience; the interaction, being with similar minded women, the positive, helpful feedback from Sam and the others. It has helped my business tremendously- through the feedback, discussion and live calls - I feel like I have everything I need to forge ahead.

Karenna Reidy, Sydney, Australia
Diana Wilks

Sam, and her team live their beliefs and commitment to providing the best service with personal awareness, humour, fluidity and focus to create a new paradigm empowering women to deliver our inspirations to the world. I think Sam is a miracle worker, pioneer in her field and it's a blessing to have access to her support and intelligent inquiry.

Diana Wilks, New Zealand
Sophie Jeffries

Thank you so much Sam! X I really appreciate your kind, calm and authoritative manner. You’ve answered questions on personal development and business and technology all with relevant examples and consideration to the person asking. You make all of it seem relevant to everyone. 

Sophie Jeffries, Melbourne, Australia

At the end of A Visible Woman you can expect:

  • 1

    To feel much more confident

    Not the false kind of confidence that eventually fades or requires huge amounts of effort to maintain, but the easy confidence that comes from knowing yourself and truly understanding the value you bring to the world

  • 2

    To feel much more free

    Of societal expectations and pressures. To be yourself unapologetically and without reservation. You'll claim space without feeling uncomfortable about it and you'll stop second guessing yourself and you'll speak up more with compassion and conviction.

  • 3

    To be better able to support others

    You'll be much more able to support others to use their voices too. You'll have a better understanding of what it takes to amplify others and you'll be able to take the requisite action with ease.

  • 4

    To be leading without stress

    Having integrated healthy masculine and feminine principles into your leadership style, you'll draw on your inner wisdom much more regularly, and you'll look for opportunities for ease and flow.   As a consequence, you'll find you have freed up a great deal of time, your relationships with other people will have become more harmonious, and at the end of the day, rather than feeling exhausted, you feel energised and inspired. Leadership doesn't have to be burdensome or lonely. You'll learn how to do things differently in A Visible Woman.

  • 5

    To expand your earning potential

    As you confidently step forward more often in your business or workplace, you'll start to notice that people start to consider you for projects you were overlooked for in the past. More invitations start to come your way and people start to look to you as an authority in your field. All of this leads to greater earning potential and business revenue.

  • 6

    To be far more consistent in your visibility efforts

    Embodying the essence of what it is to be a Visible Woman, you'll find that your efforts to be more visible will become far more consistent. You'll be able to sustain your efforts over the long term, finding that you've developed habits that help you to integrate visibility into your everyday.

  • 7

    To have let go of fears and internal judgement

    Over the course of A Visible Woman you'll have the opportunity to release so much inner criticism and fear of being inadequate or not smart enough, not articulate enough, or not thin or beautiful or funny enough. You'll also let go of other people's expectations that you've internalised. All of which makes not only for a visible woman, but a very happy one too!

Zoe Challenor

A Visible Woman by far exceeded my expectations. It opened the floodgates for me, helping me to see so many blocks, while giving me tools to work with them and shift them, all in a supportive space.

I have faced some very deep seated fears. I have been able to shine a light on some dark spaces in my soul and psyche. I feel lighter and stronger as a result.

I am more effective in the world, better able to support myself and others by extension. I am less a prisoner of old events and stuff, so freer.

I have more money in my bank account after doing the money week.

I feel happier and more optimistic because I know I have tools that I can take into even the most challenging situations (especially the most challenging situations!) Using them is creating change and shifts where I previously thought I was powerless.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Zoe Challenor, Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Your purchase helps stop trafficking and slavery. Five percent of all profits from this program are donated to Hagar Australia. Hagar is an international organisation committed to the protection, recovery and reintegration of women and children who have suffered severe human rights abuses.

In A Visible Woman you'll:

Get really comfortable with speaking up and with having your opinions heard

Notice that your voice starts to resonate deeply with the people you're here to reach

Feel comfortable in your own skin, realising your full potential in business and in life

Experience more joy and greater connections in both your personal and professional life

Sheila Seabrook

I would absolutely recommend this course to others. A Visible Woman covered so many areas, and so often we're too busy or too ashamed to explore the issues and stories that hold us back (and usually we don't even realize they hold us back!). So with each week and each lesson building off the last one, the material gently and insistently prods you toward healing the different areas of your life. Of course, the healing is an ongoing process, and using the tools we learned, there is such peace within when you finally let go.

Sheila Seabrook, Canada

I believe the world will be a better place when you are fully visible, fully expressed, and shining your light as brightly as possible.

I'm committed to doing everything I can to support you in that journey.

Want to see what's possible?