A Visible Woman is one who knows her own powerclaims space in the worldisn't afraid to be seen and heard

You're building a business that supports other women.
'A Visible Woman' will help you become more visible to those women and lead your community in a different way.

Sheila Seabrook

I would absolutely recommend this course to others. A Visible Woman covered so many areas, and so often we're too busy or too ashamed to explore the issues and stories that hold us back (and usually we don't even realize they hold us back!). So with each week and each lesson building off the last one, the material gently and insistently prods you toward healing the different areas of your life. Of course, the healing is an ongoing process, and using the tools we learned, there is such peace within when you finally let go.

Sheila Seabrook, Canada

A Visible Woman is no longer sold as a stand alone program.
It has been incorporated into the broader School of Visibility curriculum.
Find out more about our curriculum here.