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What it means to be a compassionate witness

One of the most exhausting things in life is taking responsibility for other people’s responses to our words, our appearance, our way of showing up in the world.

We can try our best to explain things clearly, we can present ourselves in ways that are pleasing to other people, we … [Read More...]

Don’t take the bait

Conversational discernment is one of my most prized visibility skills.

People can be pretty mean online, feeling emboldened as many do, by the lack of civility that digital engagement seems to foster.

Which means that from time to time people leave comments on the SOV socials that are either outright [Read More...]

A path to honouring what you create

We speak often inside the School of Visibility about honouring what we create. Many of us who have a strong creative streak in our bones – myself included – find ourselves creating and then moving on, creating and then moving on.

The more I unpacked old patriarchal conditioning (and all … [Read More...]

Gaslighting and building resilience to criticism

Criticism – public and private – is one of the things the human ego avoids the most. We hate being criticised because it pokes right at the heart of our unworthiness issues.

Criticism confirms our worst fears; that we’re not enough (not good enough, pretty, smart, fun, or successful enough), [Read More...]

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