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Accessing rage – how to locate it

In this week’s episode I talked through the different aspects of the enneagram and what specifically triggers anger in each enneagram point. The enneagram is important because when you understand what’s driving people’s behaviour, you become a more effective communicator. You speak in a way that’ll allow others to [Read More...]

Our stories about rage and what to do about it

Women’s relationship with anger and rage doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s connected to three different influences that are intersecting with one another:

  1. The message that runs through patriarchal societies that your voice, your perspective, and your opinion doesn’t matter.
  2. The disrespect of the feminine in patriarchal cultures. The characterisation
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Let’s talk about rage and why it matters

Ever found yourself suppressing anger or rage? This week I started a free fb live video series on rage.

The series will run weekly and we’ll be covering the following topics:

  1. Why rage matters
  2. Our stories around rage and what to do about it
  3. Accessing rage
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Are you busy being faux visible?

It’s easy to be very distracted right now. To feel like you’re doing really being visible because you’re spending time commenting on socials about the state of the world and/or sharing your opinion about the way your government or your neighbour or your friends are responding to covid-19 (amongst other [Read More...]

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