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Staying safe as you become more visible online

Content notes:

  1. This article is about online safety and staying safe as you grow your online presence. It references child pornography, trolls and threats to personal safety.
  2. Please be aware that if you have a history of domestic or family violence, this post has not covered the type of safety
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Blue ocean visibility

Before you read on, you should know that this article is part of a series on developing a visibility strategy. This is chapter 7 in that series.

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A blue ocean strategy is a concept outlined in the book ‘Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create [Read More...]

The spirit of the land is speaking

You may have heard me speak about the impetus for starting the School of Visibility before. I was sitting in a conference in Portland, Oregon and opened intuitively to guidance from the universe about the deeper calling of my life from that time forward. Sitting quietly, the words came very [Read More...]

The Visibility Compendium, 2019 (part 2)

Before we dive into all the great things we have in store for you in 2020, we’re wrapping up 2019 with some more big themes:

  • the courage to speak,
  • visibility in business,
  • visibility blocks,
  • women’s empowerment.

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The courage to speak

Failure to act

I’ve watched

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