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Identifying your enneagram type (introducing the enneagram part 3)

The first question people invariably ask once they learn about the enneagram is; How do I find out what my type is?

There are tests you can do to give you a sense of your type but before you jump on over to test yourself, it’s vitally important that you [Read More...]

What are they coming to you for? (Introducing the enneagram part 2)

A lot of marketing people talk about the importance, when selling, to focus on results. And yes, of course people want results. But results look different to different people. For some people a ‘result’ is finding connection. For others it’s learning something. For others it’s having an experience. Marketers talk [Read More...]

Generic formulas are a waste of time (introducing the enneagram part 1)

I’ll often see facebook ads which say things like, ‘Grow your business fast. I’ll give you the exact formula I used to achieve xxx’.

In a million years I would never want you to make a purchase on the assumption that if it worked for her, it’ll work for you.[Read More...]

Creating a platform

Before you read on, you should know that this article is part of a series on developing a visibility strategy. This is chapter 4 in that series.

You’ll find the rest of the series here.

In this chapter – chapter 4 – in our series on creating a visibility strategy, … [Read More...]

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