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What does enthusiastic consent have to do with marketing?

enthusiastic consent in marketing

Enthusiastic consent is a model of sexual consent that’s being adopted or considered in many legal jurisdictions. It requires both (or more) parties to enthusiastically consent to sexual interaction. In other words, silence or other stress and trauma responses like freezing or fawning, can’t be taken as implied consent. The … [Read More...]

Cancel culture and managing when your worst visibility come to life

cancel culture

It’s one thing to have visibility fears that are hypothetical or which you haven’t lived through. It’s quite another to be living them in the moment.

In those instances, what do you do?

(Note that I’m speaking specifically here about visibility fears that relate to embarrassment, shame, being called out, … [Read More...]

Visibility Matters episode 2

visibility podcast show

We produce a private podcast exclusively for the School of Visibility community. Here’s 👇 a snippet from episode 2.

To catch up on this and other episodes, jump on over here and subscribe.

Visibility Matters

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Overcoming resistance to the numbers

two core numbers to track when it comes to being visible in your business.

I also mentioned two things that might stop you from running toward data, romcom style and gathering up those precious numbers in your arms like a long lost lover:

  • you’re more of
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