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Healing the mother wound

healing motherhood wound

One of the most insidious aspects of the patriarchy is the way it pitches women against one another. Even the women in our matrilineal line.

When we don’t speak about this, we can inadvertently assume that:

  • the self criticism that women direct toward their bodies, and
  • the existence of imposter
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What are the visibility rites of passage?

Visibility Rites of Passage

As an entrepreneur, a creative, or founder of a movement, you’re constantly working on your craft whilst simultaneously doing the visibility work (marketing your content, connecting with people, and expanding your reach).

It’s challenging for many of us. Particularly introverts, shy and private people, highly sensitive and neurodiverse individuals, people … [Read More...]

Leadership, online conversations, and building virtual communities

virtual communities

Recently I noticed someone that’s been rising to prominence in the online marketing world share an opinion on one of their social accounts. They kept the comments open on the post, but the caption said words to the effect of, ‘If you don’t like my advice, don’t take it but … [Read More...]

Keeping up with social media marketing

Visibility Problem

Keeping up with social media marketing can be challenging. At times it can feel overwhelming. And while some might argue that being on social media is optional for a business, that tends to be true only for businesses that have another visibility path established. This might mean for … [Read More...]

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