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Examples of visibility stories

visibility stories

Got a story to share?

We’re gathering visibility stories from women and non-binary people to include in our upcoming podcast show.

Your visibility story might be about being ignored, overlooked, misunderstood, lectured to, or minimised in some way or it might be about how you have triumphed in your efforts … [Read More...]

How do you ‘have to’ show up (unpacking your visibility stories)

visible women

Visibility stories are the inner stories we tell ourselves that drive the way we show up and speak up.

In my days as a chaotically unhealthy enneagram seven, I had a story that in order to show up – at work, to a social engagement, for a friend – I

[Read More...]

What is a patriarchal mindset?

patriarchal mindset

What is a patriarchal mindset? 

A mindset is a set of beliefs that helps you make sense of the world. A patriarchal mindset is founded on a hierarchical duality. 

The duality states that humans are either men or women (patriarchal duality doesn’t allow for gender fluidity) and the hierarchy [Read More...]

Over-apologising? Here’s a way to overcome it


So many women are aware of the habit of over-apologising. That is, saying sorry for things that simply don’t require us to apologise about. 

Sure it seems harmless enough, but when we take the time to investigate, it reveals interesting information about our inner assumptions re. the way we’re expected … [Read More...]

Learn three simple strategies to help you confidently speak up in a way that feels natural to you.

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