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Navigating visibility when trauma has informed the creation of your business

trauma and visibiliity

Inside Women Speaking Up, we’re talking about origin stories this week.

An origin story is the foundational story you might find yourself sharing many times about how and why you started your business.

Pretty straightforward really.

But what happens when traumatic experiences were pivotal to the creation of your [Read More...]

Att: multi-passionates and bridge builders. This one’s for you

This one is for anyone who identifies as multi-passionate or as someone who sits between worlds. In other words; people who don’t fit neatly in one box and whose businesses or creative ventures don’t either.

I often encounter people who feel uncomfortable about this. Who feel unsure about how to [Read More...]

What we focus on matters (Notes from ‘Cassandra Speaks’ by Elizabeth Lesser)

women's stories

As part of our 2022 Centring Women’s Voices Challenge, this month I’ve been reading ‘Cassandra Speaks’ by Elizabeth Lesser. (The challenge this month was to read a feminist critique.)

I’m only half way through the book and I believe it changes tone slightly in the second half, but the [Read More...]

Choosing the right brand for you

Personal or business brand

In order to be visible in the world and build awareness about your work, in an effective way it’s useful to know firstly, which type of brand you’re building; a personal, business or hybrid (personality driven) brand. Each type of brand builds awareness of itself in a slightly different way [Read More...]

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