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Got a million projects on the go?

too many projects

Recently I’ve been working on building a new habit which came out of having too many projects on the go.

I noticed that the sheer fact of having so many half completed projects was affecting the overall effectiveness of my visibility strategy by creating a drag on my capacity to … [Read More...]

What’s a visibility nudge?

visibility nudge

You know that moment when you’re watching something play out and you’re wondering, ‘Why isn’t someone speaking up about this?’ Or ‘Why isn’t someone talking about it from this angle?’

I call that a visibility nudge.

I consider it to be a signal specifically for you.

A sign that you’re … [Read More...]

To thread or not to thread


You’ve probably heard that Instagram launched a sister app – Threads – last week.

It’s been a hugely successful launch with more than 100 million users signing up within the first week. Obviously this is reflective of the huge pre-existing IG crowd, but also speaks to the fact that so [Read More...]

Social media, defamation suits and the ramifications for online businesses

social media and defamation laws

Social media has created an ever growing possibility of defamation cases being instigated again online business owners and content creators.

Despite this, I don’t hear a lot of people speaking about it.

Let’s change that.

But before we do, please note; I’m not a defamation lawyer and I’m certainly not [Read More...]

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