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Larissa Behrendt, After Story

This is a wonderful investigation of how we tell stories, whose stories we tell, the meeting of two cultures, the reclamation of voice and so much more. It includes big picture commentary on the relationship between Australia and Britain and explores how that plays out at the very personal level. … [Read More...]

Leanne Howe, Savage Conversations

May 1875: Mary Todd Lincoln is addicted to opiates and tried in a Chicago court on charges of insanity. Entered into evidence is Ms. Lincoln’s claim that every night a Savage Indian enters her bedroom and slashes her face and scalp. She is swiftly committed to Bellevue Place Sanitarium. Her … [Read More...]

Make a Beautiful Way: The Wisdom of Native American Women

Foreword by Winona LaDuke and edited by Barbara Alice Mann, the recovery of women’s traditions is the overarching theme in this collection of essays that helps reframe Native issues as properly gendered.

  • Paula Gunn Allen looks at Indian lifeways through the many stitches of Indian clothes and the many steps
[Read More...]

Susan Power, Sacred Wilderness

This is one I can’t wait to read! Here’s part of the blurb;

A Clan Mother story for the twenty-first century, Sacred Wilderness explores the lives of four women of different eras and backgrounds who come together to restore foundation to a mixed-up, mixed-blood woman–a woman who had been living … [Read More...]

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