Feeling anxious or uneasy, or like you
can't really settle into anything

Overwhelmed, exhausted, too busy,
or tired to be truly effective?

Perhaps you secretly suspect that you don't need to be as busy as you are, but you're feeling unsure about how to change things...

Perhaps you've been doubting yourself, wondering whether your business is worth all of this effort...

Are you so fatigued that you just don't have the energy to do the things that will really take your life to the next level?

Are you spending too much time on things which really aren't making you happy?

Or feeling completely overwhelmed with too many commitments?

Most people don't take the time to examine their habits. They're too busy. But busy-ness is a habit that can be broken.

And when you do, you create time and space.

Time and space to uncover the places you want to go and the people you want to meet.

Time and space to uncover what's really meaningful to you, and how to bring more of it to you.

Most of all, you create the time and space you need to create sustainable success in your business and life.

Build Healthy Habits will change your life

If you want to be effective in the world; if you want to make a positive impact on the people around you, if you want to change the world in some way, you need to start by examining your habits.

If you don't, you'll never have the right foundation on which to base your dreams.

You'll be constantly chasing your tail, with no real clarity of purpose or you'll know where you're headed but you'll almost kill yourself getting there.

There's another way. The way of sustainable success. Build Healthy Habits is a 6 week online program that teaches you how to achieve it.

"Something I've noticed since doing this work is instead of gratitude being one more thing on my to do list, gratitude is just arising. It's springing up at all moments in my day. Simple things bring tears to my eyes with deep and sincere appreciation... I'm experiencing blessing and joy everywhere. Thank you Sam. This course is just sublime." Jo Bolden, Los Angeles, USA

Say hello to a new you!

Build Healthy Habits will deliver you the clarity and confidence you need to take the next big step in your business and life, whether that's starting a new job or business venture, simplifying your life and/or business operations so you can free up more time for you, taking care of your kids, or working out what's next in your life's journey. All changes become effortless when you begin to behave like the person you want to become. 

With Build Healthy Habits you can expect to:

- have more time and energy in your day

- make better, clearer decisions

- de-clutter - firstly your mind and the whirlwind of your thoughts and then the environment around you

- be able to sit down in the morning with clarity about what you can realistically achieve in your day (saying goodbye to long, guilt inducing to do lists)

- end the day feeling happy that you’ve been productive, effective and inspired in your working life

- improve your work/life balance, your sleep and your eating habits

- have a much clearer sense of where your life is headed and how you can achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

Specifically you'll learn:

  • how you're allocating your time inefficiently and inadvertently making yourself busier than you need to be
  • how to access the wisdom of your body and soul to guide you toward a life less ordinary
  • about the subtle ways you're using your energy to create unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life
  • the ways you're unconsciously leaking energy to create unnecessary tiredness in your days
  • energetic techniques for bringing you back into alignment when life starts to get busy and chaotic
  • what's really keeping you from choosing healthy habits (it's never what you think)
  • how to set clear boundaries and say no gracefully (yes, it really is possible)
  • to uncover the best version of your life - the one that will bring you real, lasting and sustainable joy rather than the temporary relief you've been chasing 'til now.

'I'm not busy and frazzled any more!
I'm so much more focused and productive.'
Dr. Kristy Goodwin

"I loved this course. It was short, sharp, and very powerful. It packed so much in. I cleared out years of 'stuff' and have made huge changes as a result. This course literally changed my life!" Anna McDonald, Melbourne, Australia

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Build Healthy Habits is only $348 USD

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With Build Healthy Habits you'll gain clarity and focus. You'll be able to clearly work out your next steps in business and life and you'll be confident in moving forward.

In Build Healthy Habits you'll receive:

  • The online course

    This is the heart of the program and takes you through the five key weekly steps to changing habits, overcoming fatigue and living with less stress and overwhelm.

    There are 4 x 60 minute video workshops where you work through teachings and learn techniques which help you to uncover how you’re allocating your time, how you’re using your energy in ways that drain you, where you’re not setting healthy boundaries, the stories you’re carrying around subconsciously which are keeping you up at night, not sleeping, in a job that isn’t serving you or not really succeeding in your business the way you know you can.

    You’ll also learn where you’re unconsciously blocking joy and not allowing yourself to really live the life of your dreams.

    In addition to the video workshops, there are:

    – over 4 hours of webinar teachings and question and answer materials,

    – audio recordings of meditations and tools for healing and clearing,

    – weekly tapping (EFT) video meditations,

    – weekly intentions and affirmations to keep you focused and on track, and

    – weekly explorations into nutrition, de-cluttering, living slowly and seasonally, and overcoming information overload.

  • Lifetime access

    The program is designed to support you not just once but for years to come. Every time we take our lives to a new level – whether personally or professionally – different saboteurs are triggered and old, unhealthy habits rear their ugly heads. The Build Healthy Habits program and community are available to support you along the way.

    You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials + you’ll receive free program updates for life. This means that you can dip in and out of the materials as and when you feel you need them for years to come.

  • Access to the inner circle!

    When you sign up for Build Healthy Habits you are invited to join the Change the Game Inner Circle. This is a group of incredible women (mainly) all committed to living their best possible lives, to building amazing businesses, and to leading in their field of expertise.

    As a member of the Inner Circle you not only get the amazing benefits of connecting and networking with these women, you also get special ‘Inner Circle’ bonuses and discounts that aren’t available anywhere else.

    Special? You surely are!

Thanks Sam! Best online program ever. You've changed my life." Sam Sutherland, Sydney, Australia

The Build Healthy Habits curriculum will bring you home to yourself.

"This is the program you should do before all the other programs!" Nicky West, Hunter Valley, Australia

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Build Healthy Habits is only $348 USD

Need a payment plan? Click here to pay USD$125 per month for 3 months.

NB: All fees are payable in USD and include GST for Australian residents.

Who am I to share all of this with you?

I’m someone who inadvertently became an expert in fatigue – adrenal and chronic - after far too many years of pushing as a self confessed control freak, A-type personality who was constantly trying to make things happen. For much of my late 20s and early 30s my life looked like this; work, work, work, carrying a lot of stress, causing a lot of tension (which of course I thought was everyone else’s fault!), feeling like I had no time to think about how I might change things, exhausted by the time Friday came around, drinking a very decent intake of wine, partying into the wee hours of the morning, getting occasional massages on the weekend in the hope that the next 60 minute session might be the one to eradicate the permanent pain in my shoulders, sleeping late on my weekends to recover from all the working and partying, only to do it all again the next week.

Samantha Nolan-SmithEventually I became more serious about yoga and healing. I learned not only that we store memories in our cells, but I learned how to access and clear those memories. I trained in various healing modalities and become a yoga teacher and then spent 4 years recovering from chronic fatigue. Eventually I learned to slow down and stop. I healed my adrenals, I brought my cortisol levels into a healthy range, and I moved slowly but surely to the life I live today.

I now work 3 days a week, have loads of time to spend with my husband and kids, have a very productive and respectful working relationship with all of my business associates, and I’m running a business which absolutely fulfils me at the deepest levels.

All that I learned on my journey I’ve packed into Build Healthy Habits. The life lessons, the tools I used to overcome chronic fatigue, the techniques I used to stop myself from compulsive pleasing and saying yes to every work and social opportunity that came my way, to overcoming my fear of missing out, as well as my fear of not being enough.

So if any of this sounds familiar, you’re in good company!

In Build Healthy Habits we take five key steps each week

  • STEP 1: Silence the saboteurs

    4 x 60 minute video workshops

Each week we'll work together to uncover and silence the saboteurs that are stopping you from building healthy habits.

'Behave your way to success' advises Dr Phil. In order to do that, you need to uncover the ways you might be sabotaging yourself without even realising it.

Saboteurs show up each time you create changes in your life or try and take it to the next level. If you want to live at your happiest, most creative edge, you need to know how to uncover and clear your saboteurs.

  • STEP 2: Listen to your body, mind and soul

    Including a worksheet and audio recording

Each week you'll work with your mind, body and soul to become adept at understanding the different and conflicting advice you're giving yourself each and every day. When you take the time with this, the reason you've not been able to gain any traction on those all important life changes becomes incredibly obvious.

Understanding this is the difference between running your own game and being run by it.

  • STEP 3: Create a rhythm to your days

    Audio recordings of AM and PM rituals

One of the healthy habits we build in the program is a daily ritual of meditation, intention setting, yoga and energy clearing to start and end your days well.

Using the rituals, you'll clear old energetic patterns that keep you pushing forward when all you want to do is stop. You'll learn how to boost your energy levels for the day, reprogram your neural pathways for easy, effortless change, and clear your energy fields at the end of the day for a restful night's sleep.

  • STEP 4: Nurture and respect the body

    Includes feature articles and EFT (tapping) video meditations

Focusing on a new area each week, we eradicate unhealthy behaviours by introducing new, healthy and fun habits. To support this, you receive a tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) meditation each week to support your body in releasing any resistance that might be building up to creating changes in your life (you'd be shocked at how much we all unconsciously push away health, wealth and happiness.)

  • STEP 5: Slow down and stop

    Meditation, the yogic way

Finally we learn to disengage from the world for a while and practice the art of stopping (yep, it's something that most of us need to practice) and each week you receive new affirmations and intentions that support you with this part of the program.

Take a sneak peak at one of the BHH video workshopsExcerpted from week 5 of the program: Bring in joy

The program’s not for everyone…

It’s absolutely for you if:

  • You want more time for yourself, without feeling guilty or like you should be doing something other than relaxing.
  • You want to discover a new way of getting things done in your week – not by creating more to do lists and pushing through, but by learning to say no, to trust and to practice the art of allowing.
  • You want to save time and money that you’ve been spending without direction or purpose because you’re not really sure where you’re headed in life or you’ve been unwilling to take the necessary action to realise it until now.
  • You know you’ve got some old habits which are causing you to be busier and more stressed than you need to be but you can’t seem to shift them.
  • You want to build a life that’s productive and rewarding, without the stress and anxiety that normally comes with achieving your goals.

It’s not such a good fit if:

  • You’re not particularly interested in slowing down. You want to fit as much into your week as you possibly can and you love the rough and tumble of getting things done your way.
  • You simply want to be told what to do rather than being guided to uncover the answers for yourself. There’s not just one path to vibrant health and happiness and this program is one which coaches, heals and facilitates you to find the answers within. To uncover what’s right for you. It doesn’t assume it knows what’s best for you.
  • You’re happy living small and/or not realising your true potential.
  • You’re comfortable creating unnecessary drama and wasting time in your day as you fail to really appreciate your role in the drama of your life.
  • You don’t want to do any work. You just want the answers. Unfortunately that’s not the way that healthy habit building works. You have to participate. You have to be part of the solution. I’ll give you everything I’ve got in terms of making the changes easy and effortless, but ultimately your involvement will determine your success.

Self care is about more than getting massages and taking relaxing baths. It's about clearing out what's getting in the way of connecting with the spring of wellbeing inside of you. It's about remembering the truth of who you are and living from that place. Every. Single. Day.

Here's what other people experienced in their Build Healthy Habits journey...

Belinda Noakes

I loved Build Healthy Habits. There was more material than I expected and it went way deeper. I thought I was just going to be working on quitting sugar! Instead I discovered and cleared some very old beliefs that were keeping my nervous system on high alert. I now feel calmer, less rushed, less inclined to race after multiple things at once. Even when my daily routine slips, it's easier to reestablish. I would definitely recommend this program to others because it really works!

Belinda Noakes, Australia
Katherine Wootton Joyce

This program exceeded my expectations in almost every way; the presentation and quality of the materials was fantastic. I'm now so much more aware of how I'm feeling and that I can be in charge of changing that. I'm feeling so much happier and more relaxed in myself.

Katherine Wootton Joyce, Cayman Islands
Susie Jones

I love this course and this group! I guess I expected less quantity and quality of materials and was really thrilled with what I found. Since the program my whole life attitude has changed, I'm sleeping better, feeling better and am more positive in general. I've already recommended it to my friends!

Susie Jones, United Kingdom

For just USD$348.00 you’ll receive:

- the 6 week online course including all the video workshops, webinars, meditations, coaching exercises, and bonus materials

- live webinars throughout the year

- membership to the Change the Game Inner Circle - an amazing community of women from around the world in our own private online forum

- lifetime access to the materials and free access to all upgrades!

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Need a payment plan? Click here to pay USD$125 per month for 3 months.

NB: All fees are payable in USD and include GST for Australian residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start? 

Build Healthy Habits is open now. Upon purchase you'll gain immediate access to the program.

How much time will I need to participate in the program?

I recommend you take one morning or evening each week for the duration of the program as your 'Healthy Habits time'. In addition, each day there's a short morning or evening ritual and there are weekly activities which you can incorporate into your everyday without needing to make extra time for them. The program is designed to be flexible and fit with your routine so if you can't allocate a morning or evening a week, you will easily be able to take the program in a series of 15 minute slots throughout your week, should that suit you best.

I've done courses like this before and nothing has changed. How is this different?

This program is not designed to give you more information. Information is great. It's useful and it's interesting, but it's also easily forgotten or ignored. Build Healthy Habits is a program that's designed to change behaviour. That means that I'm working with you to uncover the stories and patterns which are keeping you overwhelmed, busy and exhausted.

Awareness is only one stop though. Once you've become aware of your stories and patterns, you need tools to change your behaviour. This is the real strength of the program. It's coaching, healing and awareness all wrapped up in one easy to digest package.

How does an online program work? 

Each week you'll receive an email from me with access to our very own private membership site. There'll be five steps for you to take each week: a video workshop, a few audio recordings, an AM or PM ritual, and some 'in life' exercises (exercises you take as you're living your life). All the materials you need are on the membership site.

I'm too busy to do this, perhaps I should do it later? 

Then you're exactly who this course is designed for! When we're chasing our tails trying to do everything, we live with the mistaken belief that eventually things will slow down. That we'll have time. But guess what happens when we have that additional time? We tend to fill it right back up and we end up as busy as we were before. You have to do some serious work around identifying and clearing the habits that cause busyness in the first place if you want to have a different experience in the future.

Do you know the saying the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour? So it is with busyness. Unless you do something that acts as a circuit breaker. Build Healthy Habits is that circuit breaker.

I'm not very techie, will I be able to participate? 

Technology scares and frustrates me sometimes too so I've made it as easy as possible to participate. If you have an email account and access to a computer with a reasonable internet connection, that's all you need. (If you can currently download movies and watch them from your computer, your internet connection is fine for the purposes of Build Healthy Habits.)

My team and I will also be there to hold your hand every step of the way should you need support at any time. We're always very happy to help!

Is Build Healthy Habits just for business owners?

Not at all. It's for anyone who can benefit from slowing down and learning self care habits that will support them for the rest of their lives.

Is the program open to men? 

Absolutely. We're predominantly a community of women but we love big hearted men who are looking to change their habits!

What currency is the program offered in?

The price is charged in American dollars. Click here to convert to your local currency.

Do you offer refunds?

Please note that all sales are final. I don't offer refunds on digital products or programs.

Can I just purchase specific parts of the program?

No. Build Healthy Habits comes as a complete package. It is ordered in a very specific way to help you get the most from it and every part of it is essential to the whole. If you are just looking for a meditation or a worksheet or an individual workshop, your best option is to subscribe to my weekly newsletter where I share lots of free resources.

Do I get to work with you individually?

As part of the program you get lifetime access to the live webinars that I host. The webinars include teaching from me, meditations, self inquiry exercises and some time for Q&A.

Your actions today are determining your future. Your future can be filled with health, wealth and happiness, or it can be stressful and unfulfilling.

Let's work together to build habits that bring you peace and deep appreciation for every aspect of your life.

Let's work together to change your life.