Uncover your soul's business plan for 2017

Before you plan every single minute of the coming year, take some time to find out what your soul has in store for you over the next 12 months.

If you're an entrepreneur who wants to work with the deepest and wisest part of yourself in devising goals and strategies for 2017, Create your Year Soulfully meditation workshop is for you.

  • Wouldn’t you like business building to be just a little bit easier next year? Your soul always finds the most direct route to delivering what you most deeply desire in life.

  • Clean up any negativity you don’t want following you into the new year and receive specific and actionable guidance from your soul on what’s most important to focus on in your business in 2017.

Create Your Year Soulfully blasted me out of the heaviness I hadn't even fully realised was there and catapulted me back up into Freedom and Light... It cleansed the whole year and drew me forwards towards a bright New Year. The next day things started to shift, people called me unexpectedly, clients booking, children behaving, ease between relatives. Amazing.

- Charlotte Kanyi, Birth Essence
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