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Dealing with moral outrage

moral outrage

As you grow your community, one of the big visibility challenges for business owners is managing the different voices and interests that start to be expressed. For a long time, this stopped me from wanting to grow my community too extensively. I wasn’t sure if I had the resources … [Read More...]

What is a patriarchal mindset?

patriarchal mindset

What is a patriarchal mindset? 

A mindset is a set of beliefs that helps you make sense of the world. A patriarchal mindset is founded on a hierarchical duality. 

The duality states that humans are either men or women (patriarchal duality doesn’t allow for gender fluidity) and the hierarchy [Read More...]

Over-apologising? Here’s a way to overcome it


So many women are aware of the habit of over-apologising. That is, saying sorry for things that simply don’t require us to apologise about. 

Sure it seems harmless enough, but when we take the time to investigate, it reveals interesting information about our inner assumptions re. the way we’re expected … [Read More...]

Need some visibility inspiration? Here’s our best from the web

visibility inspiration

Need some visibility inspiration? Here’s where we collate some of our favourite posts and commentary from the web on all things women and visibility.

➙ Think diet culture is a made up thing? Watch this.

➙ Then get some inspiration right here about embracing your body, just as … [Read More...]

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