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When a woman becomes a witch


Trigger warning: misogyny, violence against women, offensive language

The witch hunts and trials have always fascinated me. The hysteria. The ways that people turned on each other. The extreme and unnecessary cruelty. The abuse of power. The ugliness of humanity and the desire for retribution even when there was no [Read More...]

What we focus on matters (Notes from ‘Cassandra Speaks’ by Elizabeth Lesser)

women's stories

As part of our 2022 Centring Women’s Voices Challenge, this month I’ve been reading ‘Cassandra Speaks’ by Elizabeth Lesser. (The challenge this month was to read a feminist critique.)

I’m only half way through the book and I believe it changes tone slightly in the second half, but the [Read More...]

The female empowerment movement is a sham

This morning I read . For anyone that’s spent anytime in the entrepreneurial world, you’ll be familiar with this line of argument; the path to female empowerment is to make enough money to pay other people to do things for you.

To be clear, I do think having [Read More...]

Getting comfortable taking up space

There’s almost no visibility issue that isn’t solved by overcoming the societal conditioning which says ‘Don’t take up too much space.’

When we’re afraid to take up space we might:

  • minimise ourselves in conversation so people don’t think we’re too much,
  • launch infrequently so people don’t think we care more
[Read More...]

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