visibility coaching for business women

It's time for you to be seen and heard

The world needs women owning, running, and changing the face of business.

It's game changing, or has the potential to be. It feeds into the collective legacy that so many are called to at this time. 

Perhaps your work is different. New, potentially controversial, or something you're just not sure other people will really understand.  

It might be difficult to talk about without fears arising about it being judged or misunderstood or being asked, 'Exactly who do you think you are?'. 

So the obvious step is to remain a small target. Not visible to too many people.

You're building a business, organisation or community that supports women and femme

This is me!

In order to achieve business success - on your own terms - you have to first master your inner world.
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Visibility break throughs are easy.
Together we:

clear your visibility blocks

Visibility blocks are the result of those internal fears that say, ‘Don’t be too successful, don’t inconvenience anyone, don’t let anyone see you selling things, don’t share an opinion that others might disagree with.’ We'll help you clear them out.

free you from gendered conditioning

Gendered conditioning says there are two genders; men and women. It then says, 'a woman’s place is in the home. Women with opinions are ‘too much’, ‘too aggressive’. Women’s bodies are objects to be controlled. Women’s voices are shrill and not what we want to hear from our leaders.’ We'll clear all the negative self talk this kind of conditioning creates.

develop and implement a  visibility strategy

After all that internal work, it's time to take action! We'll work with you to get clear on the impact you're here to make in the world, the message you want to share, and the strategy you'll employ to see that impact realised.

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Your decision to speak up matters

the time is now

It’s very easy to tell yourself you’ll do it later, you’re not ready to be visible, or you don’t have the time. But if you want to create positive change – in your business, life, or in the world – eventually you'll find yourself wrestling with the topic of speaking up and being seen and heard.

Here at the School of Visibility, we don't force you into influencer culture (blurgh), or into speaking up before you're ready or in a way that feels inauthentic.

Instead, you'll learn about the silencing influences that are stopping you from using your voice and claiming space. Even better, you'll learn how to free yourself from their smothering grasp so you can gently find your way to expressing exactly what it is you're here to share with the world. 

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