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When even the idea of being visible feels too much

too much

One of the things that became glaringly obvious to me when I started Women Speaking Up a number of years ago, was that what was stopping a lot of people from being visible was both:

  • visibility fears and doubts.

This I expected. It was the reason I [Read More...]

Didn’t get the response you were hoping for?


Perhaps you’ve taken the time to create content only to find you didn’t get the response you were hoping for when you shared it?

It’s happened to every business owner at some point, and how you choose to respond is what will see you still in business in 5 or [Read More...]

Got a million projects on the go?

too many projects

Recently I’ve been working on building a new habit which came out of having too many projects on the go.

I noticed that the sheer fact of having so many half completed projects was affecting the overall effectiveness of my visibility strategy by creating a drag on my capacity to … [Read More...]

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