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Intergenerational invisibility

intergenerational trauma

Intergenerational invisibility includes circumstances where our ancestors couldn’t use their voices or, for whatever reason, chose not to.

It includes ancestral experiences of invisibility, as well as experiences of being visible in a way that was dangerous eg; being forced to wear the Star of David under the Nazi regime … [Read More...]

The Sisterhood Wound

The sisterhood wound, at its core, often shows up as a wound around belonging. We live in a world where belonging is established through systems which clearly define the class of ‘belonging’ and the class of ‘outsider’ and then deliver privileges to those that belong. We’re broken into binaries (male … [Read More...]

Navigating visibility when trauma has informed the creation of your business

trauma and visibiliity

Inside Women Speaking Up, we’re talking about origin stories this week.

An origin story is the foundational story you might find yourself sharing many times about how and why you started your business.

Pretty straightforward really.

But what happens when traumatic experiences were pivotal to the creation of your [Read More...]

Visibility and your ability to concentrate (part 2 PTSD)

Content note: this post is completely focused on trauma and mentions some causes of trauma. Please tread carefully.

In the last article in our series on Visibility and Your Ability to Concentrate, I spoke about managing two external factors affecting our collective concentration; the pandemic and technology.

In this article, … [Read More...]

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