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Managing difficult conversations

difficult conversations

I shared this recently on Instagram and it provoked such a positive response that I decided to dive into it a little more deeply on the blog.

The scenario was this; I had a woman jump into my DMs recently and expressed an opinion that I disagreed with.

I politely … [Read More...]

This visibility advice will keep you exhausted and overwhelmed

confused about online marketing

This week I posted , talking about an awful piece of visibility advice I see people giving out all too often. It’s what I call the scattergun approach to visibility. The logic is this; pitch yourself to as many people as you possibly can and [Read More...]

Are you comfortable calling yourself a CEO or entrepreneur?

When you think about the career, business or organisation you’re building, do you consider yourself first and foremost a practitioner or a businesswoman? A CEO or a therapist? An artist or an entrepreneur?

And what does this have to do with your experience of visibility?

Everything my friend. Everything.

When … [Read More...]

Need a visibility support team?

Although I’m a huge fan of learning for learning’s sake, I don’t believe that business training programs should pull you out of your working life and distract you from your current priorities.

Ever had that happen to you? Pulled out of your groove to focus on something that’s interesting but [Read More...]

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