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What are you doing differently?

Here’s a question for you. (It’s one I ask myself when my visibility efforts are feeling a bit meh.)

The question is this; what am I doing differently to everyone else in my industry?

Obviously, there’s a time in every career where the most important thing to focus on is [Read More...]

Visibility tools for US election week ????????

Politics and elections, being so intimately connected to all aspects of human existence, are fraught with visibility landmines.

Particularly when the political discussions you end up having are with people who already trigger you, say your family, for example.

So this week you might find it useful to have a … [Read More...]

The visibility challenges that come with bridging worlds

Bridging worlds? If you’re a social entrepreneur, a spiritual entrepreneur, a creative or a mum who wants to utilise entrepreneurial skills, this one’s for you.

Here’s how we happened upon this ‘bridging worlds issue’ with our Women Speaking Up students.

One student was commenting in one of our live workshops;… [Read More...]

What it means to be a compassionate witness

One of the most exhausting things in life is taking responsibility for other people’s responses to our words, our appearance, our way of showing up in the world.

We can try our best to explain things clearly, we can present ourselves in ways that are pleasing to other people, we … [Read More...]

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