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What does your visible life look like?

Ever thought about living a life where you feel comfortable showing your true self without any fear or hesitation? This is what I call a “visible life.”

It’s one where you’ve dropped all your fears about how you show up and speak up.

Here’s what it looks like for me:[Read More...]

Healing the mother wound

healing motherhood wound

One of the most insidious aspects of the patriarchy is the way it pitches women against one another. Even the women in our matrilineal line.

When we don’t speak about this, we can inadvertently assume that:

  • the self criticism that women direct toward their bodies, and
  • the existence of imposter
[Read More...]

The Visibility Compendium, July 2019

We covered some juicy topics in July; the one thing you can’t be doing if you want to call yourself an intersectional feminist, the visibility flavour of entrepreneurship, the value of listening if you want to be a good leader, and one key action to take if you’re feeling depleted, … [Read More...]

I didn’t know I could say no! Stand your ground. Get the birth you want

This post is dedicated to all women who need support saying ‘no’ as you prepare for the birth of your child. It’s for all the women who are hearing their soul whisper, ‘You deserve more and better’.

“I didn’t know I could say no,” she exclaimed, turning her surprised face … [Read More...]

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