How to Speak Up in a Noisy World

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The good girl is a patriarchal archetype used to keep girls and women in their place.

The good girl is compliant. She doesn’t speak up against authority figures. She doesn’t cause trouble. She doesn’t behave in ways that might be perceived to be controversial.

She doesn’t push back. She doesn’t misbehave. She doesn’t answer back. She placates. She smiles even when she feels distressed, angry, or afraid. 

The good girl exhausts you. She takes on tasks to help out others, even when her plate is already full to overflowing. She thinks it’s her job to be there for everyone else; to attend to their needs. Because of that, she has no time for herself.

The visibility block clearing class will support you in dismantling the good girl. You’ll explore the internal narrative that keeps her in play. You’ll clear out that narrative so you’re free to think and behave differently. 

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It's our visibility block clearing class 'unpacking the good girl'.

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