Overcoming the Invisibility of the Feminine

A Brand New Live Webinar, Hosted by Samantha Nolan-Smith

During This LIVE EVENT you'll discover...

Why speaking up (and being seen and heard) strikes fear into the hearts of so many women, why it's essential that we break the legacy of silence we've inherited from our foremothers, and how we can rise together loudly, boldly, and visibly.

  • 1

    Fear of speaking your truth

    Fear of speaking up is a gendered issue. Find out more about the collective fears we carry as women when it comes to being seen and heard in the world.

  • 2

    Visibility blocks be gone!

    Learn how to identify visibility blocks and what to do about them once you've found them (including a live clearing of blocks on the call).

  • 3

    The silencing of the feminine

    Uncover the ways that the invisibility of the feminine stretches well beyond the suppression of women's voices and connects to every aspect of our lives, including our relationship with the Earth.

  • 4

    A new type of leader

    View the leadership matrix that'll take us from where we are to the future which, we all know, is most definitely female.

"A quick LOVE shout-out to the very talented and impressively authentic Samantha Nolan-Smith!!

This woman has shown me over the past 2 months what AWESOME integrity is in business and what it looks and feels like!

She's modelled to me just HOW to be natural and real and calm and easy about who you are in the world and putting it out there without fear or shame."

Bridget Jane Thompson
New Leaf Nutrition

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