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Are you comfortable calling yourself a CEO or entrepreneur?

When you think about the career, business or organisation you’re building, do you consider yourself first and foremost a practitioner or a businesswoman? A CEO or a therapist? An artist or an entrepreneur?

And what does this have to do with your experience of visibility?

Everything my friend. Everything.

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How to recognise a visibility block

In order to free yourself of visibility blocks, it’s useful to understand exactly what they’re made up of. That’s what the video below is all about.

Samantha takes you through the different elements that make up a visibility block and explains how they relate to one another.


Interested in
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Getting comfortable taking up space

There’s almost no visibility issue that isn’t solved by overcoming the societal conditioning which says ‘Don’t take up too much space.’

When we’re afraid to take up space we might:

  • minimise ourselves in conversation so people don’t think we’re too much,
  • launch infrequently so people don’t think we care more
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Your desire to be visible is not wrong

There’s a story I’ve heard a few times lately which I want to bring to the surface because it’s stopping women from doing the work to clear their visibility blocks.

The story goes like this; My desire for visibility is wrong. I’m looking for external validation where I should be [Read More...]

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