Want to learn the six steps to visibility?

free-your-wealthTo be really comfortable with being visible in your business, you have to face deep seated fears about being judged, criticised, unsafe and/or vulnerable.

Anyone who tells you to 'just do it' isn't helping.

There is a way to be effortlessly visible (without all the hustle).

Hi, I'm Samantha Nolan-Smith and I'd love to share this new path of visibility with you. 

There are six steps to growing the visibility of your brand. When you follow the steps, you effortlessly rise to the top of your industry. Not by forcing yourself on other people or by hustling or 'making it happen'.

But by working in your most natural way, with ease and in flow. In a way that feels good and expansive and beneficial to everyone and has other people coming to you (rather than you always seeking them out).

Here's what you'll learn in this workshop...

  • The inner blocks that are standing in the way of you becoming more visible in your business
  • The practical steps you need to take to build your visibility sustainably
  • What building a community has to do with getting your message and business into the world
  • How to place visibility right in the heart of your business operations in a way that doesn't feel sleazy or pushy or like you want to throw up

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