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Speaking up to your industry

As you step into stages three and four of the , you’ll find yourself developing a voice inside your industry.

You’ll step forward, from time to time, to participate in shaping the industry.

To do this, you have to first know that your voice matters. And [Read More...]

What do the IOS updates mean for your visibility strategy?

The recent ios updates are creating waves in the online industry. It’s important to ensure you’re across them so you can respond effectively to the changing environment.

In this video I speak about four important implications for you and your business when it comes to visibility. They include:

  1. The cost
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Getting comfortable taking up space

There’s almost no visibility issue that isn’t solved by overcoming the societal conditioning which says ‘Don’t take up too much space.’

When we’re afraid to take up space we might:

  • minimise ourselves in conversation so people don’t think we’re too much,
  • launch infrequently so people don’t think we care more
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A timely reminder about your visibility strategy

This week we watched as Facebook pulled all Australian news media from its feed. (If you’re wondering why, you’ll find a short explanation at the bottom of this page.)

As a small business owner, this hopefully served as a stark reminder of building your email list so you’re never reliant … [Read More...]

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