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Cancel culture and managing when your worst visibility come to life

cancel culture

It’s one thing to have visibility fears that are hypothetical or which you haven’t lived through. It’s quite another to be living them in the moment.

In those instances, what do you do?

(Note that I’m speaking specifically here about visibility fears that relate to embarrassment, shame, being called out, … [Read More...]

Do you know your visibility numbers?

Perhaps you’ve taken courses, watched videos, and/or listened to podcasts talking about the importance of tracking your numbers in business. And you’ve nodded along and then… done nothing.

I know I have.

Part of the reason for this is that at my core I’m much more of an alphabet kind … [Read More...]

Is social media necessary for business growth?

Over the last few years I’ve seen a lot of people asking how to build a business without social media. 

I absolutely see the appeal. Social media can be an ugly and/or triggering place. It can feel like your efforts aren’t always netting the results you’re hoping for. And still, [Read More...]

Need some visibility inspiration? Here’s our best from the web

visibility inspiration

Need some visibility inspiration? Here’s where we collate some of our favourite posts and commentary from the web on all things women and visibility.

➙ Think diet culture is a made up thing? Watch this.

➙ Then get some inspiration right here about embracing your body, just as … [Read More...]

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