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When a woman becomes a witch


Trigger warning: misogyny, violence against women, offensive language

The witch hunts and trials have always fascinated me. The hysteria. The ways that people turned on each other. The extreme and unnecessary cruelty. The abuse of power. The ugliness of humanity and the desire for retribution even when there was no [Read More...]

What might stop you from building awareness?

online marketing

Recently we’ve been talking about building awareness around your business, providing you with some core questions to ponder as you’re developing your visibility strategy.

But what happens when you’ve got all the information and you still aren’t taking action? What’s going on there?

When you’re sure it’s not lack … [Read More...]

Speaking up to your industry

As you step into stages three and four of the , you’ll find yourself developing a voice inside your industry.

You’ll step forward, from time to time, to participate in shaping the industry.

To do this, you have to first know that your voice matters. And [Read More...]

Conversations about women and rage

In this delightful conversation with Helen and Lauren of the Livid podcast, we traverse a whole range of issues relating to women and rage, including why women need to embrace their rage, the importance of self-work and self-responsibility, and what it means to be powerful in the context of patriarchy … [Read More...]

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