Tired of not speaking up?

Of feeling invisible?

Of not sharing your opinion?

OR being scared of the haters and trolls?

It's time for all women to be more visible.

To be seen and heard. To share our opinions freely.

To write the story, to ask for the promotion, to pursue the speaking gig.

The Visibility Challenge is currently closed. We'll be back again in March 2020 and in the meantime, pick up our free training 'How to Speak Up in a Noisy World' here.

  • I am in phase of moving my dance work to a new level... and the Visibility Challenge came just the right moment. I found the Challenge totally perfect and beyond my expectations. The inner/outer approach is the only way I can go in building up my work. I really like the clarity in the way you present this combination.
    Name Katerina, Czech Republic Movement Medicine
  • After initial resistance, I realised I was being gently and lovingly coaxed out of my comfort zone and I yielded. Thank you for creating such an amazing space for support, expression and connection. You've helped me realise that there are lovely women out there who do want the best for each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Name Vanda, Australia Amethyst Rose

I believe you were born to be heard. I believe your voice matters.

I believe you have something valuable to say and that the world is a better place when you allow yourself to be seen and heard.