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Managing difficult conversations

difficult conversations

I shared this recently on Instagram and it provoked such a positive response that I decided to dive into it a little more deeply on the blog.

The scenario was this; I had a woman jump into my DMs recently and expressed an opinion that I disagreed with.

I politely … [Read More...]

Is social media necessary for business growth?

Over the last few years I’ve seen a lot of people asking how to build a business without social media. 

I absolutely see the appeal. Social media can be an ugly and/or triggering place. It can feel like your efforts aren’t always netting the results you’re hoping for. And still, [Read More...]

Scholarships for black, Indigenous, and women of colour

It’s Reconciliation Week here in Australia. A week of celebration and hope.

And yet, it feels very hard to be hopeful when I watch across the Pacific at what’s happening in the US.

I learned about George Floyd’s murder on Saturday afternoon (after a week of not checking the news … [Read More...]

Spreading the word

Before you read on, you should know that this article is part of a series on developing a visibility strategy. This is chapter 6 in that series.

Pick up all the chapters here.

Once you have a platform of your own, you’ll want to bring as many of your ideal … [Read More...]

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