What People Say

'Thank you Sam for your excellent visibility work. The inner story/energy does hang with us like old clothes and doing the inner work is for me the key to everything in life, always will be! I've uncovered powerful insights and sabotaging memories and I loved the practical exercises. I highly recommend this work!'
- Gina, Yoga Teacher, United Kingdom

'This program really exceeded my expectations. There was more material than I expected and it went way deeper. I discovered and cleared some very old beliefs that were keeping my nervous system on high alert. As a result I feel calmer, less rushed, less inclined to race after multiple things at once. Even when my daily routine slips, it's easier to re-establish.'
Belinda, Courage Coach, Australia

'I'm amazed at how Samantha picks up on the deeper blocks we're facing and helps us to work them out of our system. I always feel so energised after the workshop. I feel like I'm going through a real growth period where all the festering issues from my past are surfacing and I'm able to get them out of my life. This is really exciting for me.'
- Christey, Founder of NGO Just People's, Japan

'I've experienced a significant personal transformation in terms of my habits and thinking. I am so much more productive, but actually trying to 'do' less. I would absolutely recommend this program to others. I have done a lot of other 'self-help' programs but have not achieved the same results as I have with this program.'
Kristy, Digital wellbeing & productivity researcher, Australia

'The programme is truly life-changing. I’ve changed so much. The difference is really marked in terms of my own professionalism, attitude, exposure and willingness to speak up. It’s amazing to feel so different in such a relatively short time. Best of all, every time I do the inner work to pave the way for my business’s smooth operation, I experience benefits in all other aspects of my life!'

Gulara, relationship coach, United Kingdom

'Initially I was worried about the cost and whether it would be right for me – whether it would be too much. But the value you get from the course is fantastic. I’ve learned to move through and out of comfort zones, I’ve increased my ability to get things done, keep track and take action with confidence. I’ve loved the community feel and all of the women supporting one another.'
- Charlotte, Birth Trauma Therapist, United Kingdom

'I’ve loved this program and have been recommending it to others because I feel that being seen and held during the 1:1s and in a group is what’s needed to move forward in business life. A place and community that feels safe when you’re feeling shaky and uncomfortable with the unknown, uncharted territories is great.'
- Linda, Yoga Teacher, Australia

'Initially I was worried about spending money on something that wouldn't work as I'm new to therapies like this. But that first session totally blew my mind. It opened me up to a new understanding of how we store emotional pain in the body. I feel so much lighter, at peace and empowered to change my life for the better.'
- Suzi, Interior Stylist, USA

'Initially I was worried about the financial commitment and was scared to see what might come out of the sessions. Now I would ABSOLUTELY recommend working with Samantha. I'm absolutely thrilled with how the sessions have improved my outlook on life. I've stopped over-thinking and over-analysing situations and learned to stop negative thought patterns in their tracks. I've gained a true understanding of myself and harnessed a feeling of freedom I never thought I had.'
- Loretta, Physiotherapist, Australia

"Your thoughts on the worldwide problem of women and their oppression/lack of power/permission to be visible attracted me to your work. You are honest, spot on, and without gimmick. That’s so refreshing."

shalagh, maryland, usa

'Working on visibility issues has opened the floodgates for me, helping me to see so many blocks, while giving me tools to work with them and shift them, all in a supportive space.
I have faced some very deep seated fears. I have been able to shine a light on some dark spaces in my soul and psyche. I feel lighter and stronger as a result.
I am more effective in the world, better able to support myself and others by extension. I am less a prisoner of old events and stuff, so much freer.
I have more money in my bank account. I feel happier and more optimistic because I know I have tools that I can take into even the most challenging situations (especially the most challenging situations!)'
Using them is creating change and shifts where I previously thought I was powerless.' 
- Zoe, Founder of B'Opera, United Kingdom

'This work has really made me think about how I hold myself back from being visible online for my coaching business. With a 1 to 2% conversion rate, my work needs to be seen by a lot more people.
I must have cleared a few layers of stuff this week - I just surprised myself by posting about my business on my business and personal FB page! I was shocked at myself!! I don't feel triggered by it either. I've definitely cleared some visibility blocks. Thank you Samantha for such valuable content.'
– Mary, Scapegoat Child Recovery Coach, United Kingdom

let's do this

let's get started

Your decision to speak up matters

the time is now

It’s very easy to tell yourself you’ll do it later, you’re not ready to be visible, or you don’t have the time. But if you want to create positive change – in your business, life, or in the world – eventually you'll find yourself wrestling with the topic of speaking up and being seen and heard.

Here at the School of Visibility, we don't force you into influencer culture (blurgh), or into speaking up before you're ready or in a way that feels inauthentic.

Instead, you'll learn about the silencing influences that are stopping you from using your voice and claiming space. Even better, you'll learn how to free yourself from their smothering grasp so you can gently find your way to expressing exactly what it is you're here to share with the world. 

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