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What is a patriarchal mindset?

patriarchal mindset

What is a patriarchal mindset? 

A mindset is a set of beliefs that helps you make sense of the world. A patriarchal mindset is founded on a hierarchical duality. 

The duality states that humans are either men or women (patriarchal duality doesn’t allow for gender fluidity) and the hierarchy [Read More...]

Over-apologising? Here’s a way to overcome it


So many women are aware of the habit of over-apologising. That is, saying sorry for things that simply don’t require us to apologise about. 

Sure it seems harmless enough, but when we take the time to investigate, it reveals interesting information about our inner assumptions re. the way we’re expected … [Read More...]

Healing the mother wound

healing motherhood wound

One of the most insidious aspects of the patriarchy is the way it pitches women against one another. Even the women in our matrilineal line.

When we don’t speak about this, we can inadvertently assume that:

  • the self criticism that women direct toward their bodies, and
  • the existence of imposter
[Read More...]

But I hate systems!

Visibility Problem

One of the critical components to consistent visibility in business is the creation of systems.

The systems you establish support you in being visible without feeling like you’re on a content creation treadmill you can never get off.

The systems you set up might look like batching content … [Read More...]

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