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Saying no to compromising requests

Visibility Problem

One of the things many women struggle with is saying no. Not because we’re inherently incapable of saying it, but because of our .

Good girl training teaches us to be compliant and accommodating. To put other people’s needs before our own.

This means that [Read More...]

Managing difficult conversations

difficult conversations

I shared this recently on Instagram and it provoked such a positive response that I decided to dive into it a little more deeply on the blog.

The scenario was this; I had a woman jump into my DMs recently and expressed an opinion that I disagreed with.

I politely … [Read More...]

What does enthusiastic consent have to do with marketing?

enthusiastic consent in marketing

Enthusiastic consent is a model of sexual consent that’s being adopted or considered in many legal jurisdictions. It requires both (or more) parties to enthusiastically consent to sexual interaction. In other words, silence or other stress and trauma responses like freezing or fawning, can’t be taken as implied consent. The … [Read More...]

Overcoming resistance to the numbers

two core numbers to track when it comes to being visible in your business.

I also mentioned two things that might stop you from running toward data, romcom style and gathering up those precious numbers in your arms like a long lost lover:

  • you’re more of
[Read More...]

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