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Defining womanhood in our own image

women standing up

In light of the recent overturn of Roe v Wade in the US, let’s take a moment to spark a remembrance in each of us that we are powerful, sacred beings.

The reason a patriarchy came into being so many millennia ago is because it feared the sacred power of [Read More...]

The Sisterhood Wound

The sisterhood wound, at its core, often shows up as a wound around belonging. We live in a world where belonging is established through systems which clearly define the class of ‘belonging’ and the class of ‘outsider’ and then deliver privileges to those that belong. We’re broken into binaries (male … [Read More...]

This visibility advice will keep you exhausted and overwhelmed

confused about online marketing

This week I posted , talking about an awful piece of visibility advice I see people giving out all too often. It’s what I call the scattergun approach to visibility. The logic is this; pitch yourself to as many people as you possibly can and [Read More...]

When a woman becomes a witch


Trigger warning: misogyny, violence against women, offensive language

The witch hunts and trials have always fascinated me. The hysteria. The ways that people turned on each other. The extreme and unnecessary cruelty. The abuse of power. The ugliness of humanity and the desire for retribution even when there was no [Read More...]

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