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What might stop you from building awareness?

online marketing

Recently we’ve been talking about building awareness around your business, providing you with some core questions to ponder as you’re developing your visibility strategy.

But what happens when you’ve got all the information and you still aren’t taking action? What’s going on there?

When you’re sure it’s not lack … [Read More...]

What we focus on matters (Notes from ‘Cassandra Speaks’ by Elizabeth Lesser)

women's stories

As part of our 2022 Centring Women’s Voices Challenge, this month I’ve been reading ‘Cassandra Speaks’ by Elizabeth Lesser. (The challenge this month was to read a feminist critique.)

I’m only half way through the book and I believe it changes tone slightly in the second half, but the [Read More...]

The female empowerment movement is a sham

This morning I read . For anyone that’s spent anytime in the entrepreneurial world, you’ll be familiar with this line of argument; the path to female empowerment is to make enough money to pay other people to do things for you.

To be clear, I do think having [Read More...]

Visibility and your ability to concentrate (part 2 PTSD)

Content note: this post is completely focused on trauma and mentions some causes of trauma. Please tread carefully.

In the last article in our series on Visibility and Your Ability to Concentrate, I spoke about managing two external factors affecting our collective concentration; the pandemic and technology.

In this article, … [Read More...]

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