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Speaking up to your industry

As you step into stages three and four of the , you’ll find yourself developing a voice inside your industry.

You’ll step forward, from time to time, to participate in shaping the industry.

To do this, you have to first know that your voice matters. And [Read More...]

Visibility and your ability to concentrate (part 1 technology)

I was recently asked by a student inside Women Speaking Up about how a person’s ability to concentrate might be affecting their experience of visibility.

Consistency is a key aspect of brand visibility and lack of concentration can see us jumping from topic to topic with no follow-through. This, in … [Read More...]

Eliminate confusion and centre yourself before speaking up

If you’ve ever felt scattered, unfocused, confused about what to focus on, anxious or unsettled in your being, read on.

Last week we published an article that outlined the various techniques you might use to prepare yourself for an interview.

In that article I spoke about nadi shodhana – alternate … [Read More...]

The secret to interviewing like a pro

Recently I was preparing for an interview for the Telstra Women’s Business Awards (a prominent national business award in Australia). I’d been shortlisted and was being interviewed to become a finalist. In preparing for that conversation I noticed myself taking a number of actions that helped make the whole experience … [Read More...]

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