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Whether you want to dip your toes or dive in and make visibility a priority this year, we have the courses and tools to support you. 
Your story, your work, your ideas are too important to stay hidden. Start today and do the work needed for you to confidently step forward and be seen and heard in the world. 

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Are interested in an exclusive, carefully curated set of visibility block clearing tools to support you to feel safe about growing your reach and becoming more visible online and in the world.

Need a support system you can access at any time of the day or night.

Are ready to feel excited rather than nervous about promoting yourself and your work, being seen to succeed, and realising your dreams. 

this is perfect for women who are:

Our visibility toolkit is a collection of key resources designed to support you when you encounter visibility issues in business or life. 

Visibility Toolkit

Rather than getting bogged down or distracted by a visibility block, you'll be able to draw on the tools inside the toolkit to clear them out immediately so you can continue to focus on growing your business and influence without drama or stress. 

"My mind has been blown by this visibility work. My world has opened up. I’m shocked at how many great changes I’ve made."

Felicity, Sydney, Australia

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investment is $47

You have some work to do with taking up space in the world and letting people see you claim your expertise and/or share your opinion.

You're ready to change the way you interact with other people (setting cleaner boundaries, speaking your mind, no longer waiting for permission).

You're keen to explore how your relationship with money is affected by gendered conditioning around visibility. 

this is perfect for women who know:

In our visibility short course 'Smash the Patriarchal Mindset' you’ll work through three key areas in which the patriarchal mindset is affecting your willingness and capacity to speak up and be seen and heard in the world. Let’s liberate you from a system designed to diminish you.

Short course

Ever wondered how gendered conditioning is affecting your experience of visibility?

"Your thoughts on the worldwide problem of women and their oppression/lack of power/permission to be visible attracted me to your work. You are honest, spot on, and without gimmick. That’s so refreshing."

shalagh, maryland, usa

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this is perfect for women who want to:

investment is $225 per month

Expand your reach, connect with the people whose lives you're here to change, and maybe even introduce original ideas and/or new ways of doing business into your industry.

Grow your leadership capacity as you grow your business. 

Connect with a community of like-minded women who are all working to establish their authority, build their community, and change the world. 

for women and femme building women-centric businesses or communities. 

12 Month Mastermind

Our mastermind is designed to:
free you from visibility blocks,
find your voice and your message,
claim space in your industry, and
clear any patriarchal conditioning that might otherwise see you unconsciously holding yourself back and/or inadvertently disempowering other women.

let's do this

let's get started

Your decision to speak up matters

the time is now

It’s very easy to tell yourself you’ll do it later, you’re not ready to be visible, or you don’t have the time. But if you want to create positive change – in your business, life, or in the world – eventually you'll find yourself wrestling with the topic of speaking up and being seen and heard.

Here at the School of Visibility, we don't force you into influencer culture (blurgh), or into speaking up before you're ready or in a way that feels inauthentic.

Instead, you'll learn about the silencing influences that are stopping you from using your voice and claiming space. Even better, you'll learn how to free yourself from their smothering grasp so you can gently find your way to expressing exactly what it is you're here to share with the world. 

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