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Managing difficult conversations

difficult conversations

I shared this recently on Instagram and it provoked such a positive response that I decided to dive into it a little more deeply on the blog.

The scenario was this; I had a woman jump into my DMs recently and expressed an opinion that I disagreed with.

I politely … [Read More...]

What are your customer’s expectations?

online marketing

Being visible to the right people isn’t just about how you’re showing up and speaking up, it’s about understanding how your ideal customers and clients are showing up and what their expectations are when they do.

To this end, it’s important to remember a few things…

Are your ideal customers … [Read More...]

To speak up or not to speak up

To speak or not to speak

It can be difficult to know whether to speak up or stay silent in conversations, be they in person, online, in your workplace, or with your family and friends.

In those moments of uncertainty, I find it useful to have some prompts to help me navigate through my contradictory my [Read More...]

Intergenerational invisibility

intergenerational trauma

Intergenerational invisibility includes circumstances where our ancestors couldn’t use their voices or, for whatever reason, chose not to.

It includes ancestral experiences of invisibility, as well as experiences of being visible in a way that was dangerous eg; being forced to wear the Star of David under the Nazi regime … [Read More...]

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