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Your 2023 visibility projects

visibility projects

Keeping visibility as one of your key priorities for 2023 is something we’re keen to encourage here at the School of Visibility, so we’ve an approach for you this year which we hope will keep visibility top of mind; an invitation to take on a new visibility project each season.… [Read More...]

A visibility word for 2023


Do you have a visibility word for 2023? 

I don’t always choose a word for the year. Sometimes a word or theme reveals itself to me through the year, and in other years I have set a word and forgotten about it. 

This coming year I want to consciously direct … [Read More...]

The invisible work of being visible

quiet visibility

When it comes to visibility, the thing I’ve focused on most over the last few years has been stabilising my energy, building healthy habits and rhythms, and becoming more consistent.

It’s not sexy and it doesn’t yield the kind of vanity metrics that people are so swayed by. But as … [Read More...]

Visibility Matters episode 4: Peaceful visibility

visibility podcast show

Listen into episode 4 and the previous episodes by subscribing to our community podcast ‘Visibility Matters’. You can do that right right here.

[Read More...]

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